Friday, August 1, 2014

Dora the #Corgi at the Jersey Shore: A Corgi-licious Vacation!

Dear Corgi Nation,

My name is Dora. This Summer I had a blast taking my humans to the Jersey Shore!

Sunrise. With Corgi. 

Have tennis ball, will travel!

A swimming dog beach. Of course I took them there. What's a Summer vacation without a dog beach?!

Swan Lake. With Corgi.

Instructing the ducks. Silly ducks.

I found BIG FOOT! (Whether I left my own mark is for me to know and you to guess at).

Making friends with the local cats. Nose to nose networking.

My posse. This is how we roll at the shore.

Rock Lobster. Get it? (Twenty points for retro hip!)

Perusing Le Crueset. Mais oui. These things amuse the humans. Don't ask me why.

I took them shopping for plenty of … uhh … milk. Yeah, that's it! Milk. 

Mandatory cooling off, post-walkies.

Smelling the flowers. Smiling for the camera. No darlings, it's not as easy at it looks. 

Rolling in duck poop. Silly ducks.

Vacations are the BEST, don't you think?

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Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

The whole Riverbend crew especially daddy Russ and momma Music say, rock on Dora!