Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Happy #Corgi Valentines Week -- Day Three!

Stout the Cardigan and Mesa the Swedish Valhund



Dudley the Therapy Dog

Porter the cardigan, Dally the Pembroke, & John the human

Hayley and Holly


Benny Corgipants (I love you too Benny!)

Rosie and Max Corgian




Is your Corgi ready for Valentine's Day? Send photos to Be sure to include name(s) and put VALENTINE in the message subject line. If you have already sent a photo but don't see it, stay tuned! All week long there will be more Corgis with Cupid on their mind.

p.s. There is a shortage of Cardigan Welsh Corgis so far ... Cardi people, helloooooo!

1 comment:

susancorgi said...

Oh the Cardi people are all so busy being in love with Coco Posh right now, as they should be! Love these pictures.