Friday, January 3, 2014

Passages: A deep loss in the Corgi Nation family.

Those of you who read this blog regularly will be familiar with the work of Paige Davis, Founder of CorgiPals. Most Tuesdays she does a guest post here, and it is always an honor to give her space on my little blog to talk about the big work she does for so many needy Corgis and their families. 

Paige is a special person. Often, behind a person like her is a parent who shaped and influenced them and is reflected in their lives. In Paige's case, a wonderful father had a hand in making her the remarkable person she is today. 

With her beloved Dexter Jaymz. Yay Corgi kisses!

Sadly, she lost him suddenly yesterday. He was a good man who loved his daughter more than he could say. It is a loss on many levels, but most especially for Paige. 

Because not all of you are on facebook (where news of this has already been released), I wanted to post an entry here to include you. You are as much a part of the Daily Corgi community as facebook readers, and know you would appreciate the chance to reach out to Paige and express your condolences.

If you are not on facebook and cannot leave your message on the page set up for this purpose, you are welcome to leave your message here for Paige in a post comment. Should you run into trouble getting past the blog's "spam filter", message me at and we'll find a workaround. 

If you wish to send Paige a note or card, address it to Paige Davis, c/o CorgiPals Inc., P.O. Box 1941, Burnsville, Minnesota, 55337.

I have organized an on-line fundraiser for Paige, to help cover some of the costs associated with this deeply personal loss. Full details, including how and where to send payment by mail as an alternative to on-line giving, are available here:

If you are moved to give -- your words, your prayers, a bit of money -- please do. We cannot save one another from our deepest sorrows, but we can send the message that we're here. And we genuinely care.




Anonymous said...

Dear Paige:

I am so deeply saddened by your loss there. Obviously your dad was an amazing guy, and I know he must have been very proud of you. My most sincere condolences.

Campbell Baird
(with many, many loving licks from
our Darby and Tallie)

Sophie's Mom said...

Sophie and I send sincere condolences and hope that you will soon find comfort in memories of happy times spent with your dad.

Dom said...

How tragic and devastating. I'm so sorry, Paige...

David G.Pugh said...

Paige, our Pembroke - Cadwaladr - also sends you many loving licks from France at this sad time. David

Cat said...

We are so very sorry to hear about your loss. We are sending prayers, hugs with all paws and Corgi kisses to comfort you. Please be well and know that Corgi Nation is standing tall behind you during this difficult time. You are so important as a voice for every single Corgi touched by your kindness and love.

Peace, Hugs and Love Always,
Cat and Jozi