Monday, December 30, 2013

The long and short of it ...

... is a severe case of Monday-itis, here at Daily Corgi HQ.

Spencer Lowy

This whole "back to work thing"? Frankly, it's not workin' for me. 


Much better idea? Stretching out and relaxing. 


Looking all cute on purpose, for no reason at all.


Rolling in snow. For no reason. (Is playing hooky a reason?)


And finally ... testing out the new futon mattress. Priorities, people, priorities!


susancorgi said...

Special thanks to The Daily Corgi for permission to just hang! I have been fighting with myself all morning to "get going!" Now I am just going to have a jammies day and enjoy the sunshine from the couch. After all, it is frigid outside!

Sophie's Mom said...

All these pix are adorable, but Alfie's heart shaped naked tummy is especially sweet. We had a "hang out on the couch and read" day. Too cold to go outside for anything other than necessaries.