Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cora: Life is better with a Corgi!

When Jim C. of California wrote to me about his family's "heart dog" Corabell, there was no doubt from the start that this story was one for the blog. Although they lost her at six and-a-half, Cora managed to fit twice as many years' worth of joy and love into their days together. 

"Born July 3, 2005, she came to live with us at eight weeks old and was beautiful from the beginning. We named her Corabell and just called her Cora, which really seemed to fit. She picked it up quickly. From that day forward for the next six years, Cora was truly one of our family. 

We have three kids and seven grand kids; Cora loved them all and they loved her. She enjoyed herding them and countless games of hide and seek. When they told her to stay, Cora would sit while they scattered and hid. She found them every time.

She caught on real fast at fetching balls and frisbees. At night when we let her out for her last potty, she would always bring in a stick or something in exchange for her nightly treat.

I think her favorite place was our cabin in the High Sierra Mountains of California, where she could be with us 24/7. There was a lot to do, we were always on the go and she loved it. Whether a squirrel up a tree, a raven on the telephone pole or a deer in the meadow, Cora was vigilant about warning us of danger or trespassers around the cabin. She would bark to signal, run barking to find me, and lead me back to the intruder ... barking.

Because of other dangers in the area -- bears, coyotes, and mountain lions -- we did have to watch her closely at the cabin. She sensed their presence long before we did: I could tell just by the way she was acting. When Cora turned cautious, we would leave the area or head into the cabin.

Our girl adored all the seasons of the high country. In the Fall she loved playing in the leaves, especially with our youngest granddaughter. When the snow came Cora really loved to play in it. Like a little kid, she would run though it biting at the falling snow. When it would get really deep I made pathways for us to travel to her favorite spot overlooking the meadow. 

In the Spring and Summer, Cora enjoyed trailing with us in the mountains. If the whole family was going, she would go from the front of the pack to check on Mom then to the back to make sure I was coming along. She kept us together and moving along; it was her "job" to make sure we were all together, safe and OK.

Cora relished her midday naps as much as we did. Must be that mountain air! On days when we hung out at the cabin she was always there waiting for us when we headed to the sofa for some shut eye after lunch.

We were always up at daybreak and headed for bed around 9:00 pm. With a quick "nite-nite Cora" she would get in her bed, I would tuck her in for the night, and each morning she greeted us with her smiling face and joyful nature. Sometimes life is just better done with a Corgi, as Iʼm sure ALL Corgi lovers will agree.

Corabell played hard and loved big, staying by our side everywhere we went. We've had other dogs in our lifetime, but never one like Cora. She was really the exception (as I know many Corgis are). You could see it in her eyes from the start. It was like she understood everything we were saying, her eyes showed a passion for life and a compassion for us. She brought joy to every heart she touched.

Cora is truly our Heartfelt Dog. We are so thankful to have shared a moment in time with such a special, joyful little girl. Some memories are stronger than time; Cora is one of those. She is forever embedded in our hearts, and we have no doubt she is waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge. 

Someday we will be together again."


The Tuckers said...

I was very touched by your lovely comments about your Cora. We are currently living with corgis #3 and #4;one is 13 & the other 14 so I know every day with them is a gift. Our second corgi was literally the best dog we will ever own; it sounds like Cora may have been that dog for you...not to say you won't love other dogs, just not the same way. Thanks for sharing her story.

NancyP. said...

What a beauty. I'm so sad that you had such a short time with her but happy that it was full of love and fun.

Anonymous said...

So sorry for your loss. What a beautiful story, and a wonderful dog. My two are 11 and 12, and my female is my Grandchild's best friend. I am sure that your grandchildren miss Cora terribly, too........

Diane Knowlen said...

So nice to read the story of Cora's life with you, it sounded so much like the bond Diva and I had; together 24/7, which is all a dog asks of us. I am so sorry you were not able to have more years to share with Cora.

Netherfieldmom said...

Can't wait to see your next corgi! Your family deserves the joy of another precious Corg-o-rama. Thank you for sharing sweet Cora.

Anonymous said...

Cora's life sounds like a beautiful and fun-filled one. I'm so sorry you didn't have more time with each other, but it sounds like every day was lived to the fullest. I also think my corgi is my heart-dog. He just understands me and I dread the day he will no longer be with me. He turns 8 this year and I pray I get him for another 8 plus! Thanks for sharing your Cora with us.

Unknown said...

What a sweet story. I, too, have had many dogs (and other pets) that I've loved so much, but no pet has been like my Corgi. Like you said, he's part of the family. I plan my activities around him. We even take an annual weekend trip that's just for him. :) Corgis are remarkable. I am very sorry for your loss of Cora. I'm sure your story will inspire all Corgi owners to appreciate every moment they have with their sweet friends.