Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday Adoptables Update: Arizona Boys Poncho and Luke!

Good news!  Last week's Wednesday Adoptable Poncho has been adopted by a loving family. 


His brother Luke remains available for adoption. For more information and to fill out an adoption application, visit Golden Bone's adoption page.

See Poncho and Luke's original post HERE.

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Little Miss Pudgy Paws said...

And we have another big score for Laurie and The Daily Corgi. I didn't doubt, not even for a second, that someone in the wonderful world of the Corgum would scoop up these handsome boys for a furever home. I can not even imagine how desperate the family must have been to have needed to surrendered such wonderful dogs. But for the rest of us, I can't stop smiling about it. I can't wait to hear that Luke also has a new furever home.