Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday Memories: Loki -- aka Little Miss Pudgy Paws!

The charming Miss Loki's Daily Corgi feature first appeared on The Daily Corgi in August, 2012. Like so many stories in the archives (five years' worth!), it hasn't lost any of it's appeal. Like Corgis themselves, the stories don't get older -- they just get better!


*  *  *  *  *

Hi!  My name is Loki.  

I was named for the Norse dog (or was it goD?) of mischief. Sometimes my owner says she named me too well, but I don't understand that comment. Although I'm a Southern California Corgi, I don't surf and I don't know movie stars. There are normal parts of Southern California with just lots of sunshine and good weather. 

I live here with my human, her Mom Rebecca, and my two sister dogs Lacey and Molly. Lacey is a very old Aussie Shepherd mix (who we let think is still in charge) and a very quirky Border Collie named Molly.  Molly was found by my human's Dad on the side of the freeway and has some odd behaviors. For example, while I beg to go on walks and pull forward as hard as I can, she pulls backward and demands to be let back into the house!  Weird. But anyway -- this is the Daily Corgi, so back to me.

OK. Let's start with my favorite activities. I LOVE  soccer, playing with my toys, and chasing pretty much anything anyone throws for me.  

We play soccer quite frequently but the game always ends with Molly stealing the ball and using her long leg advantage to hold it out of my reach. I keep trying to explain that this is CHEATING but no one seems to listen.  

I recently discovered that while sticks are nice, fresh sticks right off the tree are soooo much better.  My human laughed and said I was impersonating a giraffe.  I'm not sure what that is, but if they eat such fresh sticks they must be smart. Unfortunately, that tree is now trimmed so I'm back to the normal sticks.

One of my favorite things to do -- before the sun is even up! -- is follow Rebecca down to the tiny lake at the base of our backyard to feed the ducks and geese. 

First I steal some of their scratch.  Why should they get all the food?  

Lacey, Molly, and I run down and greet the ducks with lots of barking. I hide behind the gate when they start eating and then I jump out barking, sneaking up and scaring them. Most of the time I can scare them really well. The geese don't really scare much but I'm working on that. After these shenanigans, us dogs insist on our feeding time. (We don't know how the birds got the prime feeding time, but we are working on a plan to take over).  

It's been nice to hear about the other Corgis everyday here on the blog and I'm glad you let me join you. Feel free to say hi or ask questions. I'm sure there's tons more stuff but I want to go play now.  Have a great day!

The End

P.S. I also love food, like the other Corgis I've been reading about.  Surprise surprise!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday #Corgi Smilers: Ernie, Ozzy, and Angie!

Three of Australia's finest.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day -- #Corgi Edition!

Yes kids, there really is such a thing as International Talk Like a Pirate Day. And today is THAT DAY for 2014!

Of course, the Pants Brothers of Kansas -- Biggie and Benny -- had to get in on the action, being the funsters they are. Those are about the cutest pirates I think I've ever seen.

Avast, me Corgis!