Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thursday #Corgi Adoptables: Fergie and Brownie!

Meet Pembroke Welsh Corgis Fergie and Brownie. They are still with their family in the Kansas City area, but looking to find a new home together. The owners are moving and don't feel the dogs are getting enough time, spending much of it in crates. 

Fergie and Brownie have bonded over their last five years together and are an adoptable pair! 


Anywhere I go …


… I go too!

Tri-color Fergie is very outgoing and likes meeting new dogs her size and a little bigger. Large dogs like German Shepherds intimidate her. This clever girl is a smarty pants who knows "watch me, sit, sit/stay, lay down/stay, speak, high fives, roll over, and leave it". 

Her current owners have been working on "off" with Fergie, as she loves on new people by jumping and giving kisses. (Some of us have no problem with that, but manners do matter). 

Brownie is very shy when meeting new people and dogs. He's much better since he met Fergie, but still barks and runs away from new people. Brownie should be on a leash when meeting new dogs, and same as Fergie, big dogs intimidate him, too.

He likes to be everywhere his sister Fergie is!

Brownie has also learned "watch me, leave it, sit, sit/stay, here, and down". He enjoys a good fetch with squeaky toys, and is SO fast that Fergie has become a mere spectator. Best of all, Brownie loves to cuddle and be very close to his humans!

Interested in adopting this pair? Visit the Corgi Connection of Kansas adoption information page. There's a link on that page to an on-line adoption form.

If you have questions about these dogs or the application/adoption process, drop Corgi Connection of Kansas an e-mail:

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Four Beautiful #Corgis, Three Lovely Ladies, and $6,000 for Deserving Dogs!

It never fails to amaze, what good people can do for dogs when they combine their time and talent! The ridiculously talented New York-based photographer Tracey Buyce -- with the aid of fabulous Corgis Pippin, Quinn, Bandit and Willa -- recently raised more than $6,000 for innovative animal charities CANDi and Homeward Bound Rescue

How lucky is The Daily Corgi to get such a scoop on a story? (Tracey & Co., you rock the Corgi socks. Seriously).

Stars of the day, already working their best angles.

Friends, this is what I call kicking some bada$$ butt for the good of deserving dogs, far and wide. Oh, and having tons of fun while doing it. You DO realize that four Corgis is an instant party, yes? 

FUN, party of four. Paging FUN! 

Tracey Buyce with Willa, one of the fundraisers and partygoers. (Blows these darling girls a virtual air kiss. There are more air kisses ahead. I can't help it. Sorry!)

Hello Allison! Animal fan, photographer's assistant on the fly, friend o' Tracey's, and international volunteer with CANDi, a non-profit whose mission is saving the lives of stray cats and dogs in Mexico and the Caribbean through spay, neuter, adoption and educational programs. CANDi is supported and funded by the tourism industry, travelers and pet lovers. Learn more about them here! They're pretty terrific. 

Howdy Emma, lucky human who belongs to the four Corgis! Or they belong to her.  Or some such arrangement. Bottom line, they are happy together! And some of us are just a wee bit jealous. Not enough to stop virtual air kisses. There is no resisting this kind of Corgi love.

Before we dive into the goldmine that is dozens of Tracey Buyce photographs (dogs, glorious dogs), a big tip of the nose to Homeward Bound Dog Rescue of Albany, New York. They benefited from Tracey's work too. Check out their currently available dogs, and oh by the way, they are looking for foster homes and volunteers. They need great people like you. 

And now … enjoy the dogs. Revel in their Corgi-liciousness.  It's time to PAR-tay!