Friday, April 24, 2015

More Smiling #Corgis in Meadows of Texas Bluebonnets!

Did you catch last week's installment of Corgis and Bluebonnets? If not, you can see it HERE





Honeybear and Baxter

Reilly and Rocky



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The Real Men Love Corgis series returns next week. Because of the number of submissions (so many!), it's going to run for a while. Thanks to all who have e-mailed photos in … they will show up eventually!

Corgi On!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

You're A Good Dog, Charlie #Corgi!

Meet Charlie. He came to Corgi Connection of Kansas from an Arkansas shelter, where he was waiting for his second chance after a first adoption. Turns out, Charlie was just too hyper to live in an apartment. (Yep, it happens).

This two year-old cutie patootie is a cuddle bug and sweetie at heart, but don't let his good looks fool you: he has a wild side! His foster family worked with Charlie on not jumping and nipping when he gets excited. Even though he knows his name, if he's amped up about something, Charlie doesn't hear a word you say. 

But he has other great qualities that won over the right adopter. Charlie, meet Monty!

With Monty and his new Grandma Lisa. The blurring hints at the wrestling match that got Charlie to stop and sit (semi) still for a second. Just call him Mister Wiggles!

Another success for Corgi Connection of Kansas. Another Corgified home. Everybody wins. 


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Meryl of France: A #Corgi Nose for Truffles!

Originally published in Corgi Post magazine. Translation by Martina Aufrecht. Special thanks to Susanne Boesche, Corgi Post publisher and owner of Paula, a former Dog of the Day on The Daily Corgi. (And a relation of Meryl!)

Joy Transfer Meryl is a charming young Cardigan bitch born in Germany in December, 2012. She's quite an active dog who needs and enjoys challenges! Meryl lives now in France at the loving home of Geraldine Gireaux and her husband, Laurent Gibbon. Geraldine and Laurent have tried a lot with Meryl since her early childhood; this girl takes on every challenge with great enthusiasm, instinct and good progress, including herding sheep.

In 2014, they had the opportunity to enter a seminar for special dogs that dig for truffles, also known as "black diamonds“. The search for truffles has been an emerging canine discipline for many years. The activity is safer with a dog rather than a pig, who can be too fond of the black diamond. The pigs love to eat the truffles themselves.

The sought after truffles, or "black diamonds". Learn more about these highly coveted, edible fungi at Paris By Mouth.

The first test with Meryl was very promising. She found, she scratched, she got a reward. It was as simple as that. "By the second training, we were enjoying the sound of her nose noisily sniffing the ground to flush out the truffles!“ says Geraldine. "Of course, Corgis are alert and have the ability to absorb things very quickly."

"So after nine months of training (about one session per month on average), with the rules of the discipline in mind, we dared to participate in our first competition of truffle dogs. Just to see! We traveled to an event at Ham-sous-Varsberg (57) near the German border, under the judgment of Miss Estelle Ferrari."

"The unexpected result? Meryl found 6/6 truffles on the square of 25 m², in 2:40 minutes! In this class (beginner), the dog has 8 minutes to find the truffles, no collar or leash Class A (beginner), without penalty! Meryl achieved a score of 183.80 / 200 EXCELLENT, got the third spot on the podium and received the congratulations of the judge, who was delighted to observe the work of a breed he didn't know."

"Excited by her first experience, a month later Meryl went to her second contest on digging Piedmont Vosges in Val-et-Châtillon (54) near Offenburg, under the judgment of Mr. Guy Meunier. She achieved a new result in class A LOF: 182.30 / 200 EXCELLENT with a great 2nd place on the podium."

Finally, Meryl concluded her breakout season in style, again finishing second in the EXCELLENT beginners standings, for the third and final competition in this category at Pierre-de-Bresse (71).

"Going forward, the challenge will be different, as we will be competing among the best truffle dogs for selection of the Championship of France. For the 2015 season, this winter will be our period of preparation for the class of "big dogs"!

The moral of the story? Short legs, large ambition! 

To be continued …

To learn more about the beautiful Joy Transfer Meryl at The Cardigan Archives, visit her page HERE.