Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Fabulous Four: An Update On the Rescued Auction #Corgis!

Back on May 5th, I blogged about a joint effort between Minnesota's Secondhand Hounds and Corgi Connection of Kansas to visit a breeder's auction and buy several Corgis, with the aim of giving them new lives as pets, enjoying the comforts of home, hearth and family.

Well, friends, look who's barking now!

I give you, left to right, Comet, Pluto, Nova, and Starr. 
A Pembroke four pack!

All are currently acclimating to their new lives in foster homes. None of them are currently available for adoption, but a peek at the next chapter in their stories is the next best thing! When they do become available, I will blog about it here on The Daily Corgi. Please note: prospective adopters will need to visit Minnesota to meet the dog(s) in person, and the dogs will only be adopted to folks living in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and Illinois. (Per Secondhand Hounds policy).

Despite a few grumbles at the other dogs and incontinence and/or lack of housetraining, Star's foster family is working hard to help her settle in. Word is she's extremely cute (calling Captain Obvious!) and wiggles her entire butt to make up for the absence of tail. Once she gets her stitches removed, Star will get her first bath, probably not a moment too soon for her for-now family. ;-)

Star will turn nine on May 30th. 

Next up is six year-old Comet.

He is slower to find his feet, this guy. But with time, we might just see great strides for Comet! His foster reports: 

Comet is very shy and doesn't really seem to know how to be a dog. He's been spending most of his time curled up under an end table in the corner of our living room. On the plus side, he's not licking his stitches, so they appear to be healing.

After getting home Saturday night we introduced him to our other dogs and it went well. He tried to mark a lot in the house so the belly band has been put to good use. Comet pecks at his food, even with the canned mixed in. He isn't treat motivated at all, and not a big eater. Comet does well crated overnight (not surprising if this is all he knows). Yesterday we cuddled on the couch and I started to notice some guarding behavior; he would bare his teeth when our other dogs would get near me. His marking attempts are gradually lessening and he's starting to recognize his name. Still, Comet spends most of his time hiding under the table.

He just got a good brushing and seemed to like it. We heard his low and raspy bark for the first time as he followed our dogs to bark at a neighbor. Recently he snapped at one of our dogs during feeding time. No issues with me petting him during eating though. Separate feeding from now on. We have spent lots of outside time with Comet in the yard, but he prefers curling up in a corner by our backdoor. We've just been giving him space.

On a brighter note, Pluto (a pipsqueak-y 15 pounds) is faring better, so far. And darn if he isn't ridiculously photogenic!

"Let me show you the call of my people!"

Finally, a little photo essay on six year-old Nova, who appears to have begun bonding with her foster Mom …

I could get used to this!

On Nova's first walk: "She did pretty great! She walked behind me the whole time, but she walked! Tuffy and Hobbes were not happy with the slower pace, though."

Well, a lady has to take her time. There is so much to take in, and one mustn't appear greedy!

Oh, that face. 

(Le sigh).

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Copper John, Trude and the Treats: #Corgi Hope Springs Eternal!

Copper John: I don't think we'll ever get a treat.

Trude: Be patient, dear. Some of it might be for us.

Copper John: Oh! You might be right! He said my name!

Trude: See? What did I tell you?!

So how often do you get company in the kitchen, when the vittles come out? This seems to be a universally #Corgi characteristic. 

Emma the Town and Country #Corgi of Yorkshire, England!

Emma is a true town and country Cardigan, living with her Mom in the verdant Yorkshire countryside and visiting her "brother" Alistair in bustling London. 

This girl about town arrived on the scene Christmas Day 2008. Alistair writes: "She arrived in Yorkshire at eight weeks old, and on her first night cried until she was taken to bed with my mother. There she was content and has stayed ever since!"

"As soon as she could manage a bark -- alerting my mother to any sound crossing those sensitive Corgi ears -- Emma quickly became a guard dog, assigning herself head of the household."

"My mother has never known such an intelligent dog.  In the past, she's had a Jack Russell and a Cairn terrier, but with Emma you can see her thinking, she is so clever.  She likes to maintain eye contact all the time so she knows what's going on. Emma is fascinated by everything."


"Living in the Yorkshire countryside, Emma watches all the wildlife and loves looking up at birds and airplanes in the sky. She runs around the garden barking up at all the trees, in case there is a bird that needs moving on from 'her patch'."

 "I take Emma and my mother on holiday a couple of times a year, to holiday cottages in Cornwall and Anglesey where Emma watches Prince William in his "search and rescue helicopter", checking if he has any of the Royal Corgis with him."

"She loves travelling in the car and insists that she sits on her friend Philip's knees -- she uses him as a cushion; it also means she can look out of the window, and a nudge means she wants the window down to smell the air!" 

"On Emma's holiday in Cornwall this year, she did a day trip to the Scilly Isles in a helicopter. She enjoyed exploring the helicopter but was not so keen when the noisy rotary blades started."

"She relishes a run on the beach and does a crazy figure-of-eight run in circles, as she enjoys it so much, especially if you chase her."

"Emma loves her home ground of Yorkshire, running through the fields on the banks of the River Swale in Yorkshire, smelling sheep, cows and her Yorkshire air. Her favourite pastime is walking in the shallow edges of the river. It also keeps her cool. She enjoys puddles on the road and will turn around if she accidentally misses one, to walk through it and continue her walk again."

"Emma loves all visitors and greets them with a bark, but also barks when they leave, whilst she looks straight into their eyes. She is saying "don't go" and "can I come with you?" Emma also adores all dogs and wants to be friends with any she meets. They have to be good at playing chase -- then she is thrilled."

"Emma gets so much attention wherever she goes. Patting her very soft fur and coat, talking Cardigan Corgis, she's a real hit."

"My mother is very keen to have another Cardi now.  They are the best!"

This post first appeared on The Daily Corgi July 6th, 2012.