Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thursday #Corgi Adoptables: Ollie of Kansas!

Cutie pie Ollie came to Corgi Connection of Kansas as an owner surrender. He had been living with an older couple, and when the husband passed, the wife could no longer care for Ollie on her own. He went to another family where he didn't get along very well with the other dogs, and young children made him kind of nervous.

Here's the scoop on six year-old Ollie, straight from his brother Banjo:

"Let me tell you about my foster brother. Mom and Dad brought this little whippersnapper into the house, and at first I wasn't so sure about him. He was a bit grouchy, when all I did was try to smell him!

Mom and Dad explained that I needed to be a little less … exuberant in my efforts to introduce myself, and we started over. Turns out Ollie was just scared. We had a couple of little tiffs before he started to feel more comfortable around me, being that I’m bigger than him.

“Banjo … What are you doing?”

“Um, just introducing you, Oliver…”

“Sure you were …”

“No really, see what I said? Mom’s been typing it for me!”

“I guess you’re right. But in my defense, I was scared. New people and another dog to get to know, it was tough going at first. But now that I have had the opportunity to get settled, and understand dog etiquette a bit better, I’m fine!!”

“I didn’t say you weren’t Ollie! You’re one heck of a frapping partner, and you’re the best partner in crime I could ask for!”

“I do have the best wiggle in my walk! People always tell me I’m really cute. Of course, I’m a Corgi, we’re all cute!!!”

“Tell them more, Ollie. Mom will send this to Jeanette so people can get to know you!”

“Well, I’m 25 pounds, kind of chubby still, but really soft. I love getting scratches and pets from people. My favorite thing to lay on is crocheted afghans.”

“Oh, mom said you could have one of ours…”

“Yay! Oh, and I LOVE to chew. But only on my toys, I don’t chew things that don’t belong to me.”

“Sounds good, bud … you ready for our nap?”

“Yep …”

Ollie is available for adoption through the Corgi Connection of Kansas application process. They do adopt out of state, but don't fly the dogs. Ollie is neutered, current on vaccinations, has been on heartworm prevention and is micro-chipped. E-mail Jeanette with inquiries:

Line forms to the left, ladies! No pushing!


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

33 Corgi Smiles in Meadows of Texas Bluebonnets





Bonny and Belle




Cookie and her boy Logan









Miss Annabelle

Magnificent Maggie

Watson T. Corgi


A Boy Named Sioux





Glitter and her best friend Rachel


Duchess "Kevin" Elizabeth

Apollo and Jackie


Harley and Horton

Leonardo The Masterpiece

Franklin Looney, improvising a blue bonnet. Because he really, REALLY wanted to join the party.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

#Corgi Smile Cam: Corky!

In spite of his allergies, Corky loved to play outdoors! You can't keep a good Corgi down.

Got Texas bluebonnets, a smiling #Corgi and a camera?


Wednesday's post will have a Corgis n' bluebonnets theme. If you have a photo to share of your smiling Corgi(s) standing among Texas bluebonnets, please submit it to The Daily Corgi by 9 PM (Eastern) tonight (Tuesday April 22nd). E-mail to

Remember, there should be bluebonnets visible in the photo.


Catching Up With CorgiPals

Good morning Corgi Nation, and welcome to my weekly guest spot on The Daily Corgi! I am your host Paige K. Davis, founder of CorgiPals. As you know, every week I do a guest post to keep you up to snuff with the goings-on in the CorgiPals world.

I'd like to give a shout-out to my baby girl Violet Ellen. Today is her 3rd birthday!! Violet, you are nothing short of amazing. I can always count on you to put a smile on my face, no matter how I'm feeling. Your hugs and kisses are one of the brightest parts of my day, and no one can match your kung-fu skills. I'm so happy to have you in my life. You always have a smile on that beautiful face, and I cherish every moment we spend together. Happy Birthday, Violet!! 


That about wraps it up for this week! Oh, and don't forget ... CorgiPals has a new company goal that we are trying to reach. We are trying to get our Facebook page to 10,000 "likes" by the end of 2014. We currently need only 1,999 more fans! Please spread the word to help us reach our goal! Remember, every person who knows about CorgiPals is one more soldier in our army fighting for Corgis in need all over the globe! Keep on Corgi'n on!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Photo Fun: Southern California #Corgi Spring Beach Day!

Ye shall know them by the thunderous stir of a thousand stumpy legs.
By the flapping of their ears, like sails to the wind, billowing in the breezes.
The din they make, the wondrous cacophony of barks and shouts, proclaims their low riding pride.

They came by the hundreds, the Corgis and their kinfolk.
They massed in joyous herds on the great sandy beach.
They frapped and played and dug sand and shook hands and sniffed butts.
And on Saturday, April 19th, they were LEGION!

When they gather again on Saturday, June 28th for CORGA-BUNGA
Standing on the shoulders of giant dwarves, flipping sand in the face of lesser mortals
Will you be there?!
Do you dare?


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photo: Petra Boca
photo: Petra Boca
photo: Petra Boca