Thursday, February 4, 2016

Leopold of France: Je Suis #Corgi!

Bonjour. I am Leopold! Leopold the Lionhearted. 

You can call me King Leo. 

Or simply King, mes amies.

I was born a king in the beautiful countryside east of Paris. 

It was May of 2015. I remember it well. Kings aren't born every day, after all.

Not REAL kings, anyhow. 

They call me a king, therefore I am. 

Let's not complicate things, shall we?

When I was just two months old, I moved with my people to a newly refurbished apartment on the edge of Paris. 

As I had an impressive white fur collar around my neck, they dubbed me Leopold Lionheart. 

I am generally known in the neighborhood as simply Leo. 

Strictly entre nous, I prefer King Leo. 

Make a note of that, toots!

Every day we go for a walk to the big park. My favorite thing is meeting my friends there. I run and roll around with them and we have beaucoup de FUN.

I encourage them not to bow, but some of my pals are intimidated by royalty. 

Or Corgis. Hard to tell, sometimes.

But I can do nothing about these things, can I?

No. Non absolument pas!

Now WHERE are the biscuits?

On the weekends we sometimes go to central Paris, where we have made our obligatory appearances at The Eiffel Tower …

… and The Louvre …

… and the banks of the busy river, clearly in need of some Corgi supervision.

(I showed up just in time).

It is all very French. Verrrrrry French indeed.

Just another banlieue on Le Metro! 

(That's Francais for subway, or for those of you across the Channel, Le Tube). 

Crowds and pedestrians don't bother me much. By now I am a regular bon vivant. 

A boulevardier, even! 

My humans love to share me on the internet, where I have a YouTube channel and an Instagram account.

Check them all out, you'll be glad you did!

Avec amour,


Thursday, January 28, 2016

Jasper Isington's #Blizzard2016 - A New Beginning!

It was an extraordinary day, but it began as most days do. With a lingering stretch, several loving behind the ear scritches from the Uprights, and a nice drink of water.  I meandered over to my observation deck but was ill prepared for what I saw.  

My shock and awe were evident.

In my eight (Upright eight, not dog eight) years on earth, I have only seen snow like this once before, back in 2010, and even then it wasn’t this bad.  When all was said and done, last weekend we got about 29 inches, one of the top five snowstorms ever to hit Washington DC.

I had my breakfast, steeled myself for the morning constitutional, and we ventured out into the neighborhood …


As you can see, I was a wee bit intimidated at first.  Chin high snow is not something I usually have to deal with, but I was able to make relatively quick work of it.  Once I attended to my morning doodies (just the facts ma'am), we hurried back inside, where I was treated to a very pleasant leg and paw massage to ensure I was all warmed up, dry, and comfortable.  

Because Da was good enough to shovel me a path, all my future FRAP forays into the snow could focus solely on fun.

On our second trip out, the winds picked up! It was fun ... 

… until it wasn’t.

With customary gusto, I let my feelings be known. There was no mistaking the distaste. Yes, the fury was writ large in my eyes.

Our next excursion was the most enjoyable. In my dapper handmade hoodie from Creations by Annie B, I made quick but stylish work of crushing the will of the snow.

Been nothing but a blast since!

On Monday, the Uprights stayed home but Da still had to work. Mum thought she was going to be able to sleep in, but she forgot that I still need to be fed at the same time as usual. I casually licked her eye lids until she remembered.  


And this right here is how I plan to ride out the rest of the snow clean up.

You're welcome, D.C.


Jasper Islington

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Jaime Fluffy #Corgi: Straight Outta Brazil!

Hello world!

Jaime here. All the way from Botucato, Brazil, ready to make you smile. Maybe even do a happy wiggle. Yes, I think I'll go for the wiggle. Two wiggles.

Buckle up, buttercups!

Are you ready?


You gotta be ready to commit.
With me there is no quit.
Because I am all Corgi and THEN some. 
And by some, I mean fur and seriousness!

See? A whole lot of seriousness. Right here.

Time to roll!

My nickname is Jaiminho, which means Little Jaime in Portuguese. I am a fluffy coated, blackhead tricolor Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Which is a big name for a little dog, but if you haven't realized it yet …

… I am a big dog in disguise. Oh yeah. Don't mistake me for a lap shrimp. I'm big. 

And I stand like a big dog too. Look at that guard dog attitude. I'm practically a German Shepherd! 

Gimme a B! Gimme a I! Gimme a G! What does it spell?

Jaime. That's right, it spells Jaime. 

aka The Happiest Corgi in the World 

I was born on May 1st, 2015. Which means I'm still in my puppyhood. And if you don't think I'm milking that all the way to the bank, you're nuts-O. 

Because I am. 

Every day, in every way, I use the puppy power, my friends. I gots it, and lots of it!

Are all Corgis this happy? You tell me.

No seriously. Tell me. Are they?

I could show them how the happy thing works. Even if they don't want to wear a tie. We can make it work without the ties.

Will it be harder? Yes. 
Will it be worth it? Awww heck yes!
We will party 'til the cows come home.
And when they do
We'll be there to boss them around
Because bossy is fun!

Naughty cows. 


My amazing parents called me 
Jaime the Postman, after a character from the TV series. EL CHAVO (Chaves in Portugues). My first day with them was August 15th, 2015. 

It's a busy life. I have a schedule and responsibilities. Kind of like the Queen. My people need me. I cannot let them down.

On the ball twenty-four/seven. That's me.

I play in the park, flash my lolling tongue (derp), wrangle toys, chase balls, charm treats out of the humans, grin for my fans, and team up with dad for Friday puns!

We love Fridays.
Big dog laughing, people. 
Make way!
Make way!

Come follow me on my official social media outlets: 

 See you there, my Corgi people!

With love + kisses + happy naps for all …