Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Big Corgi News, and even BIGGER Corgi News!

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Oh my stars, REALLY?

You bet! The Daily Corgi is going in for a major spit and polish, as preparation for the jubilant re-launch on Thursday, June 9th. Yes, after seven years, this little blog of mine will be bigger and better than ever -- and you won't want to miss a single trick!

The fun's this-a-way

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Can you handle even MORE excitement? Hold on to your Corgi caps, here's the big reveal on what is sure to be the highlight of the social season in London (yes, that London), the scene all bone-vivants and boulevardiers will want to make ...

A Corgi Royal Tea will be held on Sunday, June 12th at sketch, a premiere destination for cuisine, art and music.

Calling all UK Corgis! Marcel le Corgi was cast exclusively for the event's campaign, with help from a certain blogger. Well done!

In honor of Her Majesty's 90th birthday and a shared love of Corgis, sketch invites owners to bring their Corgis for tea and cake at sketch Parlour, where the canines will potter away with their own doggy bag filled with handmade artisanal mini peanut bones from the Hungry Hounds Bakery.

To mark the start of the Patron's Lunch and street party birthday celebrations, the event will run from 11 am to 2 pm on Sunday, June 12th.

Located at 9 Conduit Street in London, the swanky and swellegant sketch is on the web at

RSVP is essential:

Rule Corgi-tannia!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

#Corgi Teatime Fit for a Queen -- Coming SOON to London!

In celebration of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday, His Fluffiness Marcel Le Corgi requests the presence of his fellow UK corgdon bleus and owners for a very special tea party in Central London on Sunday, June 12th 2016. More details and venue to be revealed soon!

Hold on to your frocks and fascinators, this is going to thoroughly rock London's Corgi socks. Why it'll be a regular Corgi-quake! The city might never be the same. 

Watch this blog for updates. My friends, it's time to get your cuppa on for the fearless sovereign of our beloved Corgi Nation! 

Toodle pip!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Jayden's Sweet + Happy #Corgi Life!

Hey all! Jayden here with my people. These are some fine humans. 

Believe it or not, Mom used to be scared of dogs. She's five feet tall and they intimidated her. You'd never guess that from the picture, right?

Now I know a thing or two about being short, but that never stopped me. No siree!

I wasted no time in winning her over to the Dog Side.

Life + dog wasn't optional for her anyhow, not once she married this handsome fella. He is a dog lover, bone-a-fido!

Turns out he's easily trainable, too. I started him early on ukulele lessons. Never too soon!

I joined the family when I was twelve weeks old, in the middle of a snow storm. Me and my sassy tail. Mom says "We fell in love fast with this little fox".

Fact check: I'm not a fox. My legs are longer than a lot of Corgis, so between that and my undocked tail, I confuse some folks. Foxes, dogs, muskrats, turtles, jellyfish … do we all look pretty much alike? Pffffft.

As for ME, I am an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a furry suit. 

What more can I say?

Soon, relatives adopted my half-sister Tessa -- and eventually a second Corgi, Miley.

Yep, the family got bit by the bug. Bit REAL bad.

Can you blame them? Me neither. What a line-up. So much trouser-y goodness.

It's a grand life for me here!

In my time, I've demolished a few birthday cakes.

Roughed it on camping trips.

Conquered the Matterhorn. (I love snow!)

Waited up for Santa.

On Halloween, I play second banana only to Mom. She is crazy for Halloween. (Here's where I'm supposed to insert a banana joke. Sorry, I'm fresh out). 

We have NO BANANAS today. Ha!

I'm crazy about Pops. We've got a love thing going on, us two.

Me and Mom. How long do you think THAT took?

I'll give you three guesses. It didn't take long, my friend.

For a few years after my arrival, I was the de facto baby in the family. It was good, but Mom and Dad knew something was missing. I wasn't sure exactly what it was, but like a good sport I kept them entertained and smiling, even on hard days. 

Eventually I got the picture. 

Yes, the missing piece was a human of my own. A sibling on two legs! After years of infertility treatment and rounds of IVF, there was finally a bun in the oven. 


We were pregnant!

And so along came Sammie, my little man. I'm happy to share Sammie with the 'rents, but I keep a close eye on him. 

Because he's mine. Also, Just In Case.

I show him the ropes. Toys are in my wheelhouse … we're good. 

I've never seem Mom so happy. There is a zesty twinkle in her eyes. She makes joyful noises at random intervals, kind of like me. 

And Sammie! Oh boy, this kid can make noises. 

Still, I've grown quite fond of the little pip. Big sister-ing suits me fine.

Look at that lovely peanut! He's the best. I swear there's a family resemblance. One way or another, I am going to rub off on that kid.

We're tight, Sammie and me! Mom and Dad know I'm safe around the baby, but like all good parents they keep a super watchful eye on things. So far, so good. Do not attempt this at home without close supervision. 

Not all dogs are as careful as I. 


Use your judgement, my friends. All your babies are precious, two and four-legged, but of course you already knew that! Learn about our body language. When we're stressed, remove us from the room. Don't think twice. Just send us out with a handful of snacks and nobody gets hurt.

So anyway, THIS is my Very Good Dog's Life. 

Guarding is just one of my self-appointed chores. 

As resident cruise director, I fix a weather eye on unsavory visitors. Keep the neighborhood safe from prowlers and growlers and such. 

As for that Wonder Woman get up … read my lips. If there is an encore, it's against my will. Make a note of it.

Still, I am pretty much the luckiest dog in town. And I know it.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. 

Shine on, everybody! Shine on and live your own sweet + happy life.