Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Feature: Everybody in the Pool!

The weekend's on our doorstep … Winter has an icy grip on too many of us … it's time to revisit Summer and take the plunge!

lily in bliss

Corgi Pool



boyertown yip dip


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thursday #Corgi Adoptions: Misty May!

An Ode to Misty May in the Morning

by Gretchen Anderson

One misty, moisty morning,
When cloudy was the sky,
I chanced to meet corgi-girl
her beauty caught my eye!

She turned her big brown eyes on me,
And I began to grin–
“How do you do?” and “How do you do?”
And “How do you do?” again!

Meet Misty May! While she claims to be between 6-8 (it seems to depend on who’s asking), you couldn’t tell it by the way she acts! 

That’s right, Misty May is the Betty White of corgis!

Seriously, this lady has personality plus! She is friendly, fearless, and feisty! No one is a stranger (neither dogs nor domestics). No place is inhospitable. Yeah, and no opinion is with-held. 

Right now, Misty May has an adoption pending with Corgi Connection of Kansas. But she's such a character that her story just had to be told, though she's currently not available for adoption.

Misty May’s motto is: If enough is good, more is better! 

This girl is the manifestion (corgi-festation?) of “joie de vivre” and “la vida loca” all rolled up in one fuzzy female. The irrepressible Miss M lives her live passionately. When she finishes a meal, she licks that bowl clean and then flips it over! Clearly, a proud member of the clean plate club! 

(Her new family will no doubt enjoy this quirk).

Now living large doesn’t have to result is being large. The lovely Miss M knows it is important keep meals and snacks low-cal by including lots of crunchy veggies. But at her age, simply eating right is never going to be enough. She keeps her movie-star curves sweet by participating in regular exercise. Misty May loves long leisurely walks, preferably to somewhere that provides tasty dog treats …

Relaxing with a friend.

Like many celebrities, Misty May has opinions about current social issues. Such as the importance of modern medicine in our society. She supports the use of immunizations (and is proudly up to date on all of her shots), family planning (she has elected to be spayed), and is aware of environmental issues (she does her business outside and expects that you bring bags on walks). 

Yes, Misty May is special. Corgi Connection of Kansas (and many other rescue groups) get a lot of special Corgis in need of new homes. 

Which begs the question: who is really rescuing who?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

International Corgipants: Harley of Norway!

Five year-old Harley is a very, very happy dog.

He was born in the Winter and has always had a thing for snow.

Harley is pretty darn photogenic.  And he knows it.

Dad Marius L. when says he gets home from work or the shops, Harley goes crazy with happiness, barooing and whistling at a high pitch. (Is there anything happier than a happy Corgi?)

Although he enjoys splashing in water, Harley hates baths.  (Uhmmm, can't bathe a sleeping dog, can you?)

His favorite things include sausages, fetching sticks, his toys and walks on the beach ...

... where he actually looks handsomer. How is it that every Corgi looks even better on a beach?  Beats me, but it's true.

His best friends are Demani, Eyla and Diesel, the Basenjis from Hellvik.


When night falls, Harley turns into a complete snuggle bunny with his folks, who love him so much they gave him his own facebook page.

Yep, he's pretty special.  And Harley knows that too!